Since 1945 European national development of the Holstein breed determined that milk production and quality of product was optimized North of the 44th latitude. The Fraser Valley in British Columbia parallels the 49th latitude. Holstein’s like a temperate climate and the Fraser Valley provides that. The dairy product quality from this region is un-paralleled especial when compared to products produced in California and Australia.

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GVD deals direct with our producers. By agreement we receive priority shipping for our international customers which insures the freshest possible products. We will always source the most cost effective solutions. The utmost care will be provided to insure absolute ‘FoodSafe’ logistics for delivery of these products. The dairy industry is not often associated with having a small carbon foot print. However, in the Greater Vancouver area all are producers are no further than one hour from dairy farm operations, and all are within 30 minutes of air cargo terminals and the Port of Vancouver. You will be buying dairy direct. Fresh product via air transfer will arrive 2 days old, reefer container 18 days.

Canadian Dairy Products are processed with the highest standards in the world.  Health Canada in 1988 banned all GMO bovine growth hormone supplements.  The same year the US FDA certified the RBGH Hormone which is widely used in US conventional milk production.  In fact, all Canadian Dairy is certified anti-biotic and hormone free.  In some countries this would qualify as Organic.

The Canadian Dairy Industry is a regulated market. The Canadian Dairy Council regulates the industry and over sees production quotas for Provincial Milk Marketing Boards. This market driven system has provided positive market stability year after year. Canadian Dairy over the last year has seen a modest 3.8% increase which is typical annually. Canadian Dairy customers will never experience market fluctuations similar to other dairy producing regions.

Holstein Dairy Cattle are the highest production dairy animal in the world. They are magnificent creatures. Due to the nutrient load and especially the Folate count, HTST Pasteurized dairy represents one of nature’s super foods and is recommended for a long happy life.

Vancouver is located on the coast in South-West British Columbia at the mouth of the Fraser River which travels 1400 kilometres to get there. The river’s alluvial plain called the Fraser Valley stretches east from Vancouver for 100 kilometres and at some points is 20 kilometres wide.  This rich farm land is home to the majority of the 545 dairies in British Columbia.  In 2014 685 million litres of milk was produced.  The area has a moderate climate and an average temperature of 12C with precipitation falling (mostly as rain) for more than half the year.  There has never been drought conditions in this region. The Fraser Valley geography and weather provide exceptional conditions for dairy production, and very happy cows.

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